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Definition: Goat, Armenian

/"aɪ" - "jæts"/

Goat Drawing

The goat.

An animal often present in mythology and folklore. They have an extraordinary ability to navigate steep terrain nimbly. With Ayts, we wanted to create a product that would help Canada and the world to similarly navigate tough times. We also wanted our products to have excellent worksmanship quality. That's why we chose the name Ayts. So that you can be the greatest of all time.

Meet our team:

Faheem Saeed Founder, CEO, Chief Designer

A 4th year Mechanical Engineering student from the University of British Columbia, Canada, Faheem started Ayts to provide Canadians and the world with innovative engineering and healthcare solutions to provide a better life.

Responsible for the entire product experience, from design to sizings and rendering to packaging.

Albert Yau Test Support

Assisting with prototyping and tweaking of prototype.

Wild Guevara Lead Web Developer

Responsible for managing and developing the website.

Raunak Bhaggat Assistant Web Developer

Assisting with developing the website.